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Now you can take care of your employee’s physical and mental well-being and nurture a healthy work environment by just a tap on your phone.

Partner with Maya to easily provide a wide range of health services for your employees. Today’s workplace has become increasingly stressful, it is important to acknowledge and support them. Healthy, happier workforce is a more productive workforce. Maya is a stigma free, affordable (sometimes even, free) solution that you can provide for your employees.

On top of that, they do not get the time or comfort to consult a doctor in fear of incurring excessive medical costs or facing social stigma.

Maya has






across Bangladesh

Corporate organizations

Maya provides corporate packages to ensure healthy workplace environment across organizations. We have a variety of packages that can be customized according to your employee size and demand.

Onboard your factory at no cost

Toll-free Hotline

Factory workers can call our
doctors and counsellors directly
through a hotline.

Toll-free SMS

Factory workers can send questions through SMS to our experts and receive their answers through SMS.

Video Calling

Factory workers can directly
connect to Maya experts through
video calls.

See how your employees are doing. With the dashboard, you can track the overall health conditions of your team.

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